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Development.com has been a leader in the digital space since 2002. We advocate strongly for the open access of information across the web as well as the privacy for those exchanging information and property on the internet.

Since our inception, we’ve successfully bought and sold over 2000 domain names including mall.com, host.com, prices.com, residential.com, and hotels.net. We still own and are currently developing premium names such as energy.com, steaks.com, and ingredients.com.

Our parent company, Cyber Entities LLC, is a private holdings firm based in St. Kitts and Nevis, and our board is comprised of accredited investors from Greece, Croatia, Colombia and Brazil. We seek strategic partnerships with blockchain technology companies that are aligned with our mission, and we are actively involved in their funding, development and improvement. We’re also currently developing few decentralized platforms of our own which we plan on launching in late 2018.

We’ve established an active ICO marketing channel with a high traffic website weblog.com and a double opt-in email list of over 125,000 investors. Through these channels we can provide ICOs unprecedented marketing coverage as well as investor relations and exchange placement services through our network of blockchain partners.

Domains Sold

  • residential.com
  • host.com
  • mall.com
  • getaways.com
  • constitution
  • hotels.net
  • hotels.eu
  • files.com
  • city.com

Our Portfolio

  • energy.com
  • steaks.com
  • easyrecipes.com
  • ingredients.com
  • nutritionfacts.com
  • weblog.com
Currently over 90 domains for sale!


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