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Tips for Personal Development

Personal development is something that all of us pursue, to varying degrees.  We all want to become the best version of ourselves.  The difference is how we seek this state of being.  Many are actively pursuing it: reading books, seeking counseling, or learning to meditate.  Some are less active in their pursuit, imagining in their mind what their ideal self would look like, but never putting in place the necessary steps to fulfill it. 

This is the plight of most of us.  Constantly yearning for change, but putting off the necessary steps to realize that desire.  Personal transformation doesn’t happen overnight (in most cases).  It requires a complete change in perspective, a new way of looking at things.  This takes time and concerted effort: taking in new ideas, processing them, and maintaining the open-mindedness required understand them.  Even when you finally understand a new point of view, it takes time to transform the mind’s thinking to adopt this new paradigm.

This is why so many people seek personal development, but few actually find it.  For the same reason gyms are most crowded in January, and empty out when December rolls around.  The excitement of change and personal transformation can move you to get your feet wet, but when the realization of what it takes to achieve it set in, many lack the discipline to push through the hard times and maintain those daily disciplines to achieve their goal.

For this reason, it’s great to have a support group behind you, and a timeline of actionable goals in place to guide you on your journey toward personal development.  Their are many resources out there to help you with this.  Online is a great place to start.  Their are plenty of personal development forums out there where you can find a group of people who are like-minded, that can support you and encourage you in improving yourself.  You can even enroll in an online personal development course that will provide you inspiring material and a roadmap towards self discovery and personal improvement. 

Personal development doesn’t come easily for anyone, but with the right tools and the right people around you, it is absolutely possible.  Your happiness and peace of mind is priceless, and it is worth the effort involved to transform the self.  Don’t go it alone.  Surround yourself with inspiration, be careful of the ideas you consume, as they will influence your thought, and eventually your actions.  If you keep this in mind, personal development will come.